We Are Young

Simon and Graham. 3 years old, 20 months old. Simon won't eat anything, Graham will eat everything. They love Pingu and Room on the Broom. Graham will fall asleep anywhere, Simon tries to bargain before bed. Simon makes us all hold hands when we say prayer. Graham loves to sing and dance with this ↑ hat and a wooden dowel rod for a cane.They refer to all dogs as "Buddy" because that's what Grandma's dog is called. They call Seve's school "Dada's house." They collectively love slides, trains, whistles, and flashlights. And books about slides, trains, whistles, and flashlights. They wrestle, they "help" make cookies. Simon's showing signs of being a germaphobe, Graham's kind of a slob. They're both often sporting temporary tattoos on their arms and legs. And one time, on Simon's nose. It was a bird, I let him keep it on for four days, including church. They wear matching skull and crossbones bow ties every week.

I love these two.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love this post. And I love those two too.

  2. What handsome little boys.